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Call Sign since 5.2.2015


National Park´s on the air
(OF5C/p  year 2017)

Sereval peditions to Finnish OHFF targets on summer 2017

Mustila Arboretum OHFF-0213
Valkmusa National park OHFF-0035
Keltti & Ahkoja  OHFF-0212
Aarnikotkan metsät OHFF-0209
Åland Island OHFF-0037

Three peditions to Finnish national parks on summer 2016

Päijänne National Park (OHFF-017) were on 5.5.2016

Päijänne National Park (OHFF-017) were also on 4.-5.6.2016
(Field Day CW-contest - made abt. 2000 qso´s)

Repovesi National Park (OHFF-025) were on 25.-27.7.2016
(made abt. 2000 qso´s)

Two peditions to Finnish national parks on July 2015

Repovesi National park (OHFF-025) were on 14.-17.7.2015
(made abt. 3000 qso´s to 70 DXCC countries)
Valkmusa National park (OHFF-035) were on 24.7.2015
(made abt. 1000 qso´s to 50 DXCC countries)

Qsl ´s is coming to you via the buro - if you are in our´s log

Last summer (2014) we visited with same group in "Repovesi National Park" what is located southern part of Finland. Callsign was OH5AG/p.
That was funny trip, here is couple pics from the forest.